How Does The Christian Resist Temptation?

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What is the Relationship Between God And Sexuality?

What is the Relationship Between God And Sexuality? , Sexuality and God, Bible and Sexuality ,The Bible on Sexuality,The Bible and Human Sexuality,Spirituality and Sexuality in the Bible.

How Do I Please God ?

How Do I Please God?, How Can a Person Please God?,How to Please God ,What’s It Take to Please God?,How do We please God?

How Can Jesus Be Both Man And God?

How Can Jesus Be Both Man And God?, How Could Jesus be both God and Man at the Same Time?, Jesus is God & Man?, Is Jesus Christ a man or is he God? ,How Could Jesus Be Both Man And God ? ,Is Jesus Both God and Man?

Is the God of the Bible the Same as the God of the Q’uran?

Is the God of the Bible the Same as the God of the Q’uran? , Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?, Do Christians and Muslims believe in the same God?, Do Catholics and Moslems worship the same God? Basic Beliefs of Christians and Muslims

Michelle Long

Michelle Long is a strong willed individual that is unashamed to look to Christ for her identity in this world. Her trust in the Lord in every way makes her very admirable as a person of faith. Long grew up in Norco, California where she attended Norco High as a three sport athlete competing in […]

Garrett Eller

Name: Garrett Eller Hometown: Sherwood, Arkansas Sport: Baseball Position: First Base Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 8: 18 “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” (NIV) Garrett Eller is one of the few, not one of the many. A selfless individual, Eller is more […]

Lucas Whisenhunt

Whisenhunt, in white, driving to the lane Lucas Whisenhunt is a soft-spoken man of god. He is a great athlete but he is very humble and gives glory to God for his accomplishments. Whisenhunt grew up in Kirby, AR where he went to Kirby High School. He had great success in basketball at Kriby earning […]

Stephanie Batchelder

Name: Stephanie Batchelder Hometown: Chico, CA Sport: Volleyball Position: Setter Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (NIV) Despite being a very humble person Stephanie Batchelder has great confidence in her faith in her Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Her favorite bible […]

United in Christ – 5

One aspect used often by people who talked about the combining of FCA’s was unity. ‘I love that we can come together as Christians’. ‘I have made many new friends that I am still in contact with. ‘It really brought the two schools together.’ Anyone who was a part of the joining of HSU and […]

United in Christ – 4

“Even though we compete against each other, we serve one God,” OBU FCA President John Johnson said. “ We are rivals but we came together in Christ. Our kids got to know each other better and fellowship in Jesus’ name. The retreat really kicked things off for both of us (HSU & OBU) to begin […]